Akwaaba! Welcome!

Hi there! I’m Shenaille Beckley – proud a Ghanaian-American and Brooklyn native. I enjoy cooking and having a good meal, I thrive when having new and exhilarating experiences, and I love learning, teaching, and coaching.

“Every kid deserves a champion!”

Rita Pierson

I DEEPLY believe this. It’s at the heart and soul of what I do and how I coach. And you know what else is true? Every adult who chooses to be any child’s champion deserves a community of support and champions too!

I help adults who strive to be champions for children lead with authenticity.

My career in education began when I was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Penn has a few initiatives through the Netter Center for Community Partnerships and I soon found myself working in West Philadelphia public schools while earning my degree. I served as a student mentor, tutor, summer camp counselor, teacher’s aide, teacher’s assistant, recess and afterschool mentor, and recess coordinator. I happiest when I had opportunities to see kids playing, dancing, teaching me the newest dance, enjoying being in school. It’s also not lost on me that serving a population that looked like me – like the one I grew up in – added this additional sense of pride and joy that I could be a part of their positive experiences.

Today, I am an instructional and leadership coach. I help educators charged with developing teachers create caring, rigorous, inclusive, and joyful communities. Children thrive in environments where the adults around them are constantly growing and learning. A commitment to growth is where we start but strategy and ongoing support is what makes this work sustainable.

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